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Why should I sell digital products?

Selling digital products in your creator store on Beacons is a smart way to diversify your income as a creator. You invest time and resources at the start, and then you keep making money as passive income. Selling digital products lets you:

• Diversify your income stream
• Earn high-profit margins
• Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
• Scale infinitely
• Attract a global audience
• And most importantly: provide value to your audience!

Why is Beacons the best place to sell online?

Beacons is the best place to sell no matter if you’re just starting selling or are a seasoned pro.

• Beacons helps you own your profit. We’re committed to offering the lowest fees on the market. Beacons store is free to get started. As your business grows, upgrade for only $10/month for 0% transaction fees.

• Beacons also offers the most customization options making it easy to match your style and branding.

• For pro sellers Beacons also offers the best all-in-one selling platform. With easy integrations with our Email Marketing and Link in Bio app there’s no need to maintain 10 tabs and create piecemeiled solutions - you can build a full end to end selling experience in one place.

Check out our guide to selling your first digital product here and watch your sales soar!

Is Beacons free to sell on?

Beacons offers 2 store plans. Store Free is just that - 100% free. Forever. On store Free Beacons takes a low 9% transaction fee.

As your business scales you can sign up for Store Pro for only $10/month. On Store Pro your monthly fee is the only cost. Beacons takes no fees so you keep 100% of your profits! Store Pro also unlocks memberships, custom domains, advanced marketing options and more!

Is Beacons safe to purchase from?


Payment on Beacons is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption and processed with PCI compliant service providers.

What are some examples of digital products?

• E-books
• Notion templates
• Guides
• Budget or finance templates
• Photo or video presets
• Recipes
• Online courses
• Subscriptions
• Newsletters
• Fitness guides

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