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What is it?

Turn dream brand deals into reality

Media Kit: your online creator portfolio carefully crafted to show off your most important and up-to-date highlights across all your channels. It's everything you need to wow brands on one smart page, that automatically updates your stats. Make those dream partnerships your reality.

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How to use?
  1. Get started, creating your own digital resume by adding your social accounts stats!
  2. From there, just like our Link in Bio product, start making your resume represent YOU by +adding blocks and customizing the design!
  3. Add your past projects so that brands can see your amazing work with the analytics to back it up!
  4. Don’t forget to add your rates (and use our Pricing Calculator to help) to make sure that Brands know your worth!
How can you use it?
Share your story 📣
Show off past projects 🖼️
Highlight your strengths 🔦
Pitch yourself 👋
Get inbound deals 💸
Design in your brand 🖌️
Sleek, professional feel 🕶️
Auto-updating stats
Sync followers, engagement, and demographics across all your channels. Your media kit updates on its own—no need to send screenshots.
Add a video pitch
Make it human—stand out with a video pitch on your Media Kit to show your personality.
Easy to share
Send your media kit in a link, email, or PDF to brands, agencies, and marketing managers. Link it directly on your Beacons link in bio page.
Show off past work
Add past partnerships so prospective brands can see you’re a pro. Build your reputation with every new project you add.
Add custom rates
Tell brands what kind of content or partnerships you want to provide, and communicate your prices upfront.
Advanced gating
Take total control over who views your media kit and share with confidence. Select who views with gating flexibility and 3 locking methods.
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Why do I need a media kit?

A media kit is a creator's digital resume showing their following, engagement, demographics, and past work. Your media kit is an easy way to quickly communicate to brands why you'll be a great marketing partners. You have unique value that you can bring to every partnership—through your voice, your content, and your fans.

It's time to show that off and turn your dream brand deals into a reality! With Beacons, you can create a media kit for free that automatically updates your engagement stats for you.

No more manual updates or sending screenshots. Our media kit also includes advanced sharing features so you can share with those you want but still have ultimate control and privacy.

How does a media kit help me get brand deals?

A media kit can help you get both inbound and outbound brand deals. Once you have a media kit, brands can easily find the information they need about you as a creator. They can reach out to you through your media kit and submit an inquiry—plus, you have the option to see who has viewed your media kit with our gating features.

You can also use your media kit to pitch yourself to brands with confidence. Send your media kit to brands that you want to work with and begin a conversation about how you can be a strong partner for this brand. Using your media kit to start these conversations gives you more negotiating power and sets you up to look professional.

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