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What is it?

Your home base on the internet

Create a truly personalized landing page connected to all your existing channels and offerings. Bring your content to your fans and bring your brand to life. Share everything with one easy link. You can build it today.

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How to use?
  1. Visit your pages and start +adding blocks! This includes adding things like links, a music player, a twitter embed, and more!
  2. Design your page to reflect YOU! From the background image or video to the font to the color scheme, you can do it all!
  3. Look into your Insights to see where your fans are coming from and clicking on! You can also see your earnings here from any monetization blocks you’ve added on your page!
  4. Your Site Settings page allows you to add more analytics as well as use a custom domain (if you are on our paid subscription plan)!
How can you use it?
🫶 Share all your links with fans
🎨 Customize your design
🛍️ Sell digital products
🔨 Build your brand
🤝 Connect to your community
🌱 Grow your audience
👯‍♀️ Turn followers into fans
Analyze your traffic 🚥
Connect channels
Link to your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and all content in one place. Show your fans where to find you.
Link content blocks
Creative and functional ways to stylize your links blocks with headers, descriptions, images, collapsible blocks, carousels, and more.
Embed media
Embed music, videos, images, animations, GIFs, docs, files, and more on your page to highlight new releases or products for sale.
Sell from your page
Set up a store on your page with a smooth checkout on desktop and mobile. Link directly to your digital items from anywhere on the web.
Connect storefronts
Link directly to third-party storefronts like Amazon and other retailers to drive traffic and engagement where you want it.
Collect tips
Accept tips for your work creating content. Our donations block allows you to monetize by accepting tips and donations from followers.
Custom domain
Claim your own domain ( that fans will love and remember. Make your link branded and professional for instant recognition.
Collect emails
Build your subscriber list by collecting fans’ email addresses. Engage followers in a new channel that you own and control completely.
Build on your phone
Beacons is designed to work for you, in your element. Easily build, update, and customize your page in your phone browser or our iOS app.
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Too Turnt Tony
Fall Out Boy
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Why should I build a Beacons link in bio?

Creators use Beacons because it helps them create the best version of themselves online in an engaging landing page. Beacons is easy to use, endlessly customizable, and brings everything you do into one link to share across all your social platforms.

This translates into growth in your audience, sales, and engagement. Your Beacons page also offers you more customization features, more opportunities to make money, more personalized and insightful analytics, and a better understanding of channel traffic.

And it’s all for free.

Where can you use your Beacons link?

You can put your Beacons link on any social platform. When fans click your link in bio, they will land on your Beacons page and find even more of your content and discover ways to support you.

You can also share your Beacons link any way you choose—in your email list to help your subscribers find your content, on your resume, in your media kit, etc.

Your Beacons link is unique to you, so share it as if it’s your own personal website…because it is!

The best time to create was yesterday.
The next best time is now.
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