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What is a link in bio, and how does it differ from a full website builder?

While both serve to establish your online presence, they cater to different needs. A "Link in Bio" site is a focused, single-page platform designed to consolidate multiple links under one URL — perfect for social media engagement. In contrast, a full website offers a comprehensive set of tools and pages for an in-depth exploration of your brand, including about pages, blogs, contact forms, and more. Think of a "Link in Bio" as your digital business card, and a full website as your complete online portfolio.

What are some common use cases of a website?

For content creators, influencers, and coaches, websites are essential for:Showcasing Work:
1. Highlight portfolios, projects, and collaborations.
2. Content Distribution: Centralize articles, videos, and podcasts.
3. Engagement: Build a community with forums and membership areas.
4. Monetization: Sell courses, workshops, merchandise, or offer booking services.
5. Personal Branding: Promote personal brand and professional credibility.Websites offer a comprehensive platform to connect, showcase, and grow your digital presence effectively.

How customizable are the features and design options of a website?

Our website builder offers highly easy to use templates and an intuitive interface to customize and make it your own beautiful site. Whether you're aiming for a sleek portfolio, an engaging blog, or a vibrant online store, our tools ensure your site reflects your unique style and meets your specific needs.

What is the pricing of the website builder?

Our website builder is free for everyone to use, providing access to a wide range of templates and design options. For those looking to elevate their website further, we offer a premium package at $10/month.

This upgrade allows you to connect a custom domain and remove our branding from your site, giving it a more professional and personalized look.

What URL will my website be at?

Your default URL will be If you prefer a custom domain, you can upgrade for $10/month to personalize your site's address, enhancing its professionalism and brand identity.

What analytics can I track for my website?

At launch, you'll be able to track key analytics for your website, including page views and insights on which links are clicked most frequently. We're also working on introducing more detailed analytics, such as tracking purchases, to give you a comprehensive understanding of how visitors interact with your site. This additional functionality will be available soon, enabling you to optimize your content and strategies effectively.

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