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What is it?

You're getting paid. Now get on top of your taxes.

You're getting paid like a boss—now you can manage your taxes like one, too. W-9 forms are required every time you get paid as a freelancer. Instead of scrambling, attach a W-9 to every invoice to complete in real time. Save time, get organized AF.

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How to use?
  1. Here is a fast and secure way to generate an IRS Form W-9 online. Start by choosing your Federal Tax Classification type.
  2. Next, add your Basic Information and Tax ID Number
  3. Add your signature
  4. You can then optionally attach your W-9 to Beacons invoices.
How can you use it?
Generate a W-9
Attach to your invoices
Make tax season a breeze
Save yourself time and work
Generate a W-9
Easily generate a W-9 with the correct information about the brand, partnership, and payment for each brand deal you do in real time.
Attach to invoices
Attach your W-9s to your invoices when you send to brands and kill two birds with one stone. Your future self will thank you.
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What is a W-9 and why do I need one?

A W-9 is a tax form that is required every time you are paid as a freelancer. W-9 forms need to be completed by people who classify themselves as freelancers or contractors, are not paid full-time by the business they are doing work for, and are being paid more than $600 for their work.

W-9 forms are used by the IRS to estimate what taxes are owed by the freelancers or contractors who are paid for services to a business. Using Beacons to generate your W-9 makes it easy to include a W-9 tax form every time you work with a brand, so when it comes time for tax season, you already have all the forms you need from your work throughout the year.

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