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What is it?

Know your worth and start earning today.

Want to make more for sponsored posts? We’re here to help. Use our brand deal pricing calculator to find your base rates according to your platform, media type, and follower count, then start pitching brands.

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How to use?
  1. Choose a platform (TikTok, IG, or YouTube) and your content deliverable (Video, Story, Short, Reel, Post, etc)
  2. Enter the number of followers you have, as well as your engagement rate (feel free to connect your social accounts!)
  3. Get more in depth by adding:
  4. The size of the brand/sponsor
  5. If the brand requires usage rights to your content
  6. If the brand will whitelist your content or not
  7. If the brand is asking for a direct CTA
  8. If the brand requires exclusivity

How can you use it?
Calculate your base rates
Negotiate with confidence
Vary rates by platform
Tailor to your audience
Add rates to your media kit
Demystify content pricing
Price your own work
Become your own agent
Specify by platform
Input the platform where you'll publish your sponsored content — calculate for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.
Input audience size
Input the size of your following on your chosen platform, which helps determine the reach your sponsored content will have.
Find your best range
Calculate a range of base prices for your sponsored content—set rates lower for more negotiating power, or higher to shoot your shot!
Pitch your rates
Add your custom rates for each platform and content style to your media kit. Negotiate with confidence for both inbound and outbound deals.
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How are sponsored content rates calculated?

Beacons uses real creator data on brand deals to power our calculator. We have over 2 million creators using Beacons and thousands of creators already using our media kit to pitch brand deals and we are constantly gathering new, up to date information on brand deal pricing.

We use data based on platform, audience size, content deliverable, brand size, usage rights, whitelisting rights, exclusivity rights, and CTAs to calculate rates for sponsored content.

Should I ever adjust these rates higher or lower?

The brand deal calculator is a powerful tool for setting and owning your base rates, which is the first steps to taking ownership over your pricing.

You can always take other factors into consideration to adjust this rate, particularly if additional time or materials are needed. Some factors to consider at the cost of materials, the agreed upon number of edits, etc. Introducing these to your sponsored content, in addition to the content deliverable, would be good opportunities to increase your prices. Working on content that might lead to additional future opportunities with that brand or others might be times you'd want to consider lower prices than usual.

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