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What is it?

Build stronger relationships with fans

Build stronger relationships with your subscribers by learning who they are and how they interact with your content. Find, filter, and export subscriber data in one clean dashboard and gain insights on your audience to turn followers into fans.

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How to use?
  1. After you start collecting emails and SMS through your Email/SMS block on your Link in Bio page, where does it go?
  2. Right here in your Audience Manager app! Here, you can search your followers by email or phone.
  3. You can also see these sorted by groups and see which platform your getting the majority of followers from!
  4. Feel free to download this list as a CSV file, or use our Email Marketing App to start engaging with your fans!
How can you use it?
Gain insights on your audience
Analyze fans by platform
Organize and own your list
Automate outreach to fans
Compare subscriber sources
Build fan profiles
Search and filter
Search for subscribers by email or phone number. Sort and filter your list by source and platform to create custom groups of fans.
Download fan lists
Download your full list (or subsets of fans) as CSV files to keep your data flexible and accessible.
Send welcome emails
Welcome your newest subscribers and send an automatic welcome email when new fans join your community.
View fan details
Store and view information in fan profiles, including email address, phone number, source, platform, and the date they joined your community.
Collect contact info
Collect subscribers' email addresses and/or phone numbers when they sign up for community and expand the ways you can reach your fans directly.
View purchase details
See a consolidated view of all the purchases an individual fan made in your Beacons stores.
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Why do creators need an audience tool?

An audience manager allows creators to build and maintain quality data on their subscribers. By having more information on who their fans are, creators can learn more about their audiences across different platforms.

Building an audience database expands the ways creators can reach their audience directly, with full control over their subscriber lists. With more personal and direct contact, creators can turn followers into true fans and build more a more connected and engaged fanbase.

How do you build up your subscriber list?

Visitors to your link in bio page can subscribe to your community through the "Email Signup" link block. You can customize the settings on your signup block, so visitors can enter their email address or phone number in order to subscribe. You can even add a custom field to collect any additional information you choose—like fans' names, countries, or favorite colors. All of this information will be stored in your Audience Manager.

How do you contact fans in your Audience Manager?

You have the option to customize your Audience Manager to send an automatic welcome email when a subscriber first joins. You can also use the contact information in your Audience Manager to contact fans directly through email or SMS. You can send this information directly to an integrated third party platform like Zapier, download a CSV of contact information, or create emails to send to your fans right from Beacons with our Email Marketing tool.

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